SECOND: Greg Lemond | Fine Bone China Mug

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PLEASE NOTE: This product is a SECOND. This means that while it is visually more or less perfect, there may be minor blemishes, bumps, imperfections or other errors. Please see the close up photos for examples of the type of imperfections you may receive. 

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Greg Lemond - one of the greatest American cyclists, wearing one of the most beautiful jerseys in any sport. Lemond was a phenomenon - the US rider who took on the Europeans and won. Three times winner of the Tour de France and twice world champion, Lemond was a physical sensation. In the mid 1980's he rode for the great La Vie Claire cycling superteam, alongside the great Bernard Hinault. La Vie Claire wore the classiest kit of all time - an iconic ode to Mondrian's celebrated modernist designs.