Here's some of our greatest hits


The Handmade Cyclist is ten years young this year - my how time flies when you are having fun.

We've spent the past decade striving to create art, design and products that dig a little deeper into the most beautiful sport of all, with stories, details and subtle touches that hit hard. The home of original cycling art, since 2011.

So, without further trumpeting, here's a collection of our greatest hits. Some you may be familiar with, some may be new to you, but this our our personal edit of some of the prints that mean the most to us.

And to celebrate our 10th birthday we've got a cheeky little offer for you: 10% off all prints in our collection, for the next 10 days.


Want to know what our bestselling print of all time is?

That's easy. While there's a whopping nine designs in the Routes Collection, from La Fleche Wallonne to Sa Calobra, one stands head and shoulders clear - just like its real-life counterpart.

Our Mont Ventoux print might just be our simplest print of all. One thing's for sure, there's a lot of you out there who have climbed it, want to climb it, or just enjoy watching Ventoux's majesty every time the Tour takes on its brutal slopes.



Stripped back style, maxxed out content

Our design philosophy is that less is definitely more. We prefer ideas and atmospheres, we pare back and remove unnecessary detail to get to the very heart of the story.

But here's three tales from the peloton where the opposite was definitely true. The Panache Collection features quite possibly the three boldest, bravest, biggest rides in history. Cycling, maximised.

And if you were to ask us what our personal favourite print in our whole portfolio is? Well, it might just be Hinault '80


Bunnyhopping the patriarchy

One of the most welcome - and overdue - changes in the past decade has been the resurgence in women's cycling. There's a long way to go (we're old enough to remember when there was a full women's Tour de France that ran alongside the man's race) but giant steps have been made and the return of a proper women's Tour in 2022 is long overdue.

The Queens of Everything collection was our own tribute to four British women who have inspired us in road, cx, track and MTB. With so many more heroes finally getting the exposure (and races) they deserve it feels like it may be time to add to the collection once more.


This one's personal

It sometimes feels like our lives are one big juggling act. Work, family, responsibilities, kids - and if we're lucky, time for a bit of riding squeezed in around the sides.

So this one was for the night riders and early risers, who - like us - find the only way to keep fit, happy and sane is to get the miles in outside the pressures of day-to-day life. And if that means there's just the stars, silence and owls for company, all the better.


Le Tour, compressed.

How do you capture the madness of the biggest race in the world? The endless climbs, the impossible sprints, the suffocating pressure of riding for GC where every single second counts, for three long weeks?

We pared everything back to what matters: just the lone rider and the vastness of the race. The Convicts of the Road.



The ultimate Hour

Did you see those mad Lotus bikes at the Olympics? Just the latest in a long line of innovations that we captured in The Hour collection

From Eddy's incredible Mexico benchmark to Wiggins' modern best via MoserBoardman and Obree, these were the rides, riders and machines that shifted the dial and redefined what is possible for just one human, one bike, one track.


Here's where it all started

It feels like a lifetime ago, only yesterday. Our classic Alpe d'Huez print was one of a collection of three designs that set the ball rolling for us and laid out our design style: simple design, subtle textures, crisp typography and those little details that really resonate with the cycling lover.

There's been a fair few hairpins on the road between then and now, but one thing has remained constant: our customers.

Thank you so much all for your support for the past decade. We hope we've made you smile and helped remind you why we all love this sport so much.

If you haven't already, do join in the conversation on our Twitter, Insta or Facebook, or just drop us a line: we're always up for a chinwag about bikes.

Another ten years? Oh, go on then...

Neil, Wendy and all at Handmade Cyclist.

August 13, 2021 — Neil Wyatt